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About Me

Since my childhood I am a huge tech lover. After my first Windows NT 3.1 ACER computer, I decided that a screen in front of me was all I wanted. I’m still seeking new challenges that make me reach my highest potential with ongoing training because I believe in professional excellence.

With more than 12 years in the tech world and 10 years in systems development I still get excited about new technologies and enjoy learning about them.

I’m currently leading a team implementing newest libraries, patterns and architecture on Android platform. On my free time I learn more about Flutter and other technologies such as Python, PHP and Go. I’m also cofounder of Uhlala!, a orders management app that is currently released for Android, and in the next couple of months for iOS.

I’m also into business administration so I can take the most of Group Leadership, Marketing, Business Management, Negotiation Techniques, Staff Administration, Business psychology, Consumer behavior, Decision making, Project Evaluation and Logistics.

I was also co-founder of #AnDevCba, organizing and offering tech talks for Android lovers and tech fans. At #AnDevCba we were interested in knowledge share, programming best practices, new technologies and Android’s latest changes and releases. Now I am speaker of Google Developers Group focused on Flutter.

Andres Oller

Android Architect, Flutter enthusiast, Google Developers Group speaker, Tech Fan, Entrepreneur, Upvoy Founder, Uh-lala Co-founder